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Originally Posted by djoseph74 View Post
Sounds like I should join the KCBS so I can shop there. All walmart has is the 8lbs bags. Didn't seem like much in there.
I've seen a lot of really sad looking outdoor / gardening departments at various stores in the last couple of weeks. Home Depot, Lowes, Ace, Walmart... but strangely enough, there's a Super Walmart near my work that may not have much in the way of gardening but they do have a seasonal display out with loads of wood chips and chunks, Kingsford BB, Royal Oak (lump and briquettes), and more Kingsford Competition briquettes than I've seen in any single store at once.

Both HD and Lowes tell me they'll be getting big shipments of grilling and outdoor cooking stuff "any day now" (along with hoses and lawn care stuff... lol)
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