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somebody shut me the fark up.
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Originally Posted by Bludawg View Post
All these years I thought they came from a hog.
Yes, pork comes from pigs. I still buy my chops at a store -- I live in Dallas. What's your point?

Actually, I think I already know the point -- just sayin' you should say what you mean.

Kind of like the OP. What is the message? How is the post all about? Did the OP hunt for his pork chop? Well, mine came from Kroger, and I'm 99.999-percent certain the pig my chop came from wasn't wild, and hunted with a rifle. Besides, "Let's not forget where we came from" is not the same as "let's not forget where our food came from."

A picture of a dinner plate and a rifle with a title like 'Dinner in "America,"' with "America" in quotation marks could be taken different of ways. Is it a reference to the pig, and the farmer who raises our meat and vegetables? If so, how does the rifle fit in?

I may be wrong, but at this point in time, I can't help but think there is another message being promoted here -- in Q-Talk.

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