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There has been a lot of misconceptions about MSG and its health effects, it turns out there is no scientific evidence to backup any of the symptoms people experience after eating it. Very similar to cannabis and its ill effects on health(kills brain cells, causes lung cancer, etc.), its just something people heard, repeated and believed to be true.

If you want a quick video explanation go to 4:30 mark in this video

Some foods you may be surprised has a high MSG content: dry aged steak, aged cheese, tomatoes.

Even comfort food for some people such as Liptons chicken noodle soup contains MSG.

Originally Posted by John Bowen View Post
Has anyone had any issues with the MSG (when sprinkled on the surface) making the bark / crust soft or mushy?
Sorry for throwing out such a high tech term as “mushy”.
MSG is also used as a meat tenderizer sometimes, this is why you see it in a lot of Chinese food that uses cheaper, tougher cuts.

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