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Originally Posted by gettinbasted View Post
Another positive that is being missed, is that this thing is hot and ready to cook in 20 minutes. I can come home from work, fire it up, and have dinner on the table by 7 o'clock. My big smoker would be just getting warmed up!
Just curious, and please don't take this as being derogatory, as I am seriously looking into purchasing a PBC.

Your statement is kinda vague. What time do you get home from work? It's one thing if you work night shift and get home at 7am vs. working 9a-5p. Just curious as the reasonable timeframe for a cook. Obviously it will be different depending on the cut of meat. 20 minutes to fire it up + ??

And FYI for all interested, yes the offer is still valid. I registered last night and recieved the $100 off code
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