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It probably also depends on how big a coal basket you have. Mine is about 16-18" diameter so it gets pretty close to the walls of the smoker and it definitely gets hot. Its 225-250oF up by the grates, but near the basket, it'll likley be much hotter.

That said. I try to never rush a paint job. It never ends well. If you can keep the smokers inside or covered, you probably won't have a problem. If you paint when it's too cold, the paint will get all weird like elephant skin and you'll end up having to remove high heat paint and then re-paint.

Worst case scenario, is you just leave the og paint and have to repaint it in the spring. Mine sit outside in CA and I give them a fresh coat or some touch up like 1 a yr or so. Just remember to take pics when they are new, because they never look as good as day 1.
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