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Originally Posted by Kirk View Post
I think you will find that many on this forum define perfectly cooked ribs similar to how a trained comp judge would, and that is that a bite should come off the bone cleanly, with a slight tug. All the meat coming off with that one bite would indicate that the ribs were overdone. Not saying it's right or wrong, or that it means anything in your back yard, but that's the reaction you're going to get to the phrase "fall off the bone."

Yeah, I'm from Ms, and the only time I ever hear "fall of the bone" is during BBQ restaurant commercials. There's a local BBQ joint owned by a man named Shack. At the end of the commercial, a lady standing outside the place says "you don't need no teeth to eat Mr Shacks meat"!

Seriously though if my ribs are falling off the bone, I'm not happy! I'm chapped, because it means I wasn't paying attention and over cooked'em.
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