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Originally Posted by BobBrisket View Post
You know someone is going to test this.
Honestly I can't imagine why the radiant heat wouldn't affect the meat closest to the fire, but I have never tried one of these cookers either so I have no direct experience to draw from. I can tell you exactly what the effects of direct line of sight from fire to meat are in a WSM without a water pan in it, and they are significant enough to have to compensate for (i.e. flipping or turning).
Originally Posted by Smoothsmoke View Post
Here are two reviews stating the the meat closest to the fire gets more done and dry, even inedible according to one.
In all fairness, the one that said they were partly inedible also said they were overcooked. Maybe it's different when a rack is in at the right time and temp to be done properly in the middle? IDK. Regardless, I'm having a hard time seeing how the radiant heat doesn't enter into it.

Edit: I've seen some "spirited" opinions and discussion on the merits of this cooker but I'd like to keep this cordial, factual and informative. Thanks in advance.
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