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Exclamation Last minute UDS build advice (painting related)

So I have all the parts and a new unlined drum.

Tomorrow in Baltimore it's supposed to be a high of 51 degrees F. My engine paint can says 60 degrees at least.

My choices are:

1. Use propane torch to remove the new pretty black paint that's already on the drum (not high temp paint), drill holes, assemble and use with no paint.

2. Keep original paint on, drill holes, assemble and use. Remove paint in the spring and repaint with high heat paint.

3. Remove paint with torch and then attempt some sort of half ass procedure where I spray paint in the garage with a space heater and keep a window and the door cracked for ventilation.

What would you do? I'd hate to have the drum rust out with no paint protection? I really have never worked with steel and paint like this so that's why I really have no idea.

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