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Default Belated NYE Oakridge Black Ops Brisket

I totally forgot I took these photos. Came across them while downloadind the camera pics for work last night.

SO, what the heck......late pRon is better than no pRon, right Brethren?

This was a 17+ lb'er in the cryovac. I trimmed the big, hard fat and it was just under 17 lbs after that.

Rubbed with a liberal amount of the Black Ops Rub I got from Oakridge in the giveaway some time ago. Also put on a lighter layer of kosher salt and black pepper. Smoked in on the LBGE until probe tender, then wrapped it in foil and put in a warm (170d) oven to hold until we decided it was time to slice and eat it. Here's how that all looked......

That Black Ops Rub is pretty farkin tasty! Love that "umami" aroma and taste that the ****ake's give it.

After about 10-11 hours fluxuating between 225 & 250 to the best of my recollection (it was a while ago dangit! ), this is what it looked like.....

After a wrap and rest in the warm oven for a few hours, I cut off the point for chili to be made next weekend for our annual chili cook off fundraiser at church. Here was the point:

And the flat on the board, ready to slice.....

Sliced and put in a casserole with a couple of cups of beef broth I made up and touched up with some garlic and onion powder to keep it moist while we nibbled throughout the night.....

We found the thinner end of the flat to be just a bit dry, but that's to be expected since it was so thin and I didn't wrap during the cook but let it go the whole time. This slice was from the part of the flat that was over the point, which I find to be the best stuff on the flat usually.....

Thanks for lookin y'all!!!!
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