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Default Thermostat, Dual Probes, with WIFI, 80 to 260 VAC, 10 AMPS, PID SSR outlet

Golden-Elephant is upgraded model of RHINO. Dual probes with WIFI. Basic function is same as the LION. but 80-260 VAC, 10 amps. Low/High temperature Alarm, Alarm On/Off option. Pit has 4 temperature stages. When meat reaches to target temperature, meat probe will take over control of smoker. This feature can let you adopt concept of Sous Vide to smoking Brisket. Say you can set smoker temperature at 225 F, when brisket reaches to 140 F, you can keep Brisket at 140 F for 10 hours, or 24 hours or even 72 hours. For such long smoking time, electrical smoker may be the first option. To add flavor of wood smoking, you can place a smoke generator inside your electrical smoker. Talk to computer is very simple by WIFI. Just plug and play. No setting of computer is needed.
#1: electrical Smoker/Oven
#2.Sous Vide with Slow Cooker
#3. Charcoal Smoker with
fan and AC/DC adapter
#4.making yogurt,
#5.proofing dough formation or
#7.sour dough yeast storage.

Front View

Back View

Sous Vide with Slow Cooker

"Sous Vide" Smoking Brisket by electrical Oven

Following snapshots are procedures for Elephant to talk to Computer

Step#1 find all WIFIs available

Step#2. Double Click Golden-Elephant

Step #3.Golden-Elephant connected

Step #4.type in browser You find this page

Step#5.Cilck temperature Setting Type In User Name "admin" and Password "000000"

Step #6.Program Elephant here Pit and Meat temp. showing in F or C Stop/Start

Step #7.Advanced Application.Access Elephant to Internet via Router
IT knowledge is needed.
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