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Default White Butcher Paper???

I was at a salvage/restoration place looking for building materials and I noticed that they had quite a few large rolls of white craft paper. Some were full (probably 8" in diameter) and others were partial rolls (but still a lot of paper, maybe 4" diameter) I'm guessing the width was in the 18-22" range. I asked one of the volunteers if he knew if it was butcher paper or not but he didn't know anything about it. They get all kinds of stuff donated there. It looked like plain white paper, not waxed, about the thickness of regular printer paper. It was pretty cheap, with the huge rolls going for about $12. And these were huge rolls.

So my question is, can I use it to wrap brisket in or do I need to get special paper (food grade)? Is un-waxed butcher paper any different from craft paper? Is brown paper preferred for bbq over white paper? I have seen threads on using butcher paper and want to give it a try and was wondering if this was a find or should I pass.

If anyone has any thoughts or experience, please chime in.
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