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Originally Posted by harripooner View Post
So just a shameless plug, but my roommate and I are going to be on a new Bobby Flay cooking show, called Bobbys Dinner Battle, next Wednesday the 16th.

Somehow we made it throught the screening process and we cooked our a$$ed off the only way we know how, using my ugly drum smokers and copious amounts of beer.

Just wanted to give a shout out and a thanks for all the input from everybody on this site over the last sevral years. Recipes, blueprints, and just endless pron. I'm hoping backyard DIYer and BBQer's will get some respect. I have no idea how things are going to look, but it should be interesting.
I watched it last night. I was scanning channels and saw a couple of UDS and Flay said something about Chicken, so I watched the program.

I think you'd of won If you'd had a large budget for decorations.

Seems he gave more weight to the couple with the fancy set up,
but he liked your UDS Chicken.
Congrats on TV appearance.
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