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Originally Posted by BobBrisket View Post
I love tongue! Great flavor. Two things that turn people off......the way it looks and even once you have cooked the hell out of it........the texture. My mom learned to make it from my Grandma. Their version was boiled, then sliced. After slicing, they get tossed in a hot pan with some oil, lard, or bacon grease and allowed to brown a bit. The sauce is a tomato, celery, onion, garlic, and green peas sauce.......OMG!!! Farking incredible!
That is not so far from what my mom did with tongue. Interesting. The only difference was that she use some sugar to make what she called 'Creole sauce'. It was very good as I recall. I haven't cooked tongue in quite a while.

You can get pig tongue, lamb tongue (blue and somewhat off-putting) and goose tongue in Chinatown. I have never tried the pig or lamb tongue. I kinda think I did try goose tongue, it must not have been memorable though.

As a child, I loved grabbing the raw tongue and 'licking' people, this had a poor risk/reward payoff, but, was still entertaining to me.
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