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Hey thanks guys. Without all the people on here there is no way we would have made the cut. It was a chore cooking, but I'm glad we did it. ended up having to cook at our friends place since our kitchen is too small. Had to lug everything over there, plus then we had no decorations or anything. Definitely hamstiringed our operation a bit, but honestly I doubyt we could have come up with anything better. When I think Hollywood I think big fake boobs, junkies, and botox. I dno't really associate any style of food with Hollywood, which was a big stumbling block. I forget that to the rest of the world its a movie wonderland. I wish the theme was Memphis or Eastern Carolina, damn it!

It was ridiculously hot and just crazy. I lost 6lbs over 3 days from all the heat in the ktichen. There was definitely some editing done, which changed things, but overall I'm happy that our bird turned out good. I don't care if I'm not the best a decorating. We cooked a pretty good meal on a smnoker I built. I don't think Hogan made his sous vide machine.

I think I might change the air inlets from 3/4 to 1" to help her get a little hotter, I probably could have pulled the diffuse plate too, but in the heat of the battle i didn't want to go opening up everything. If your lookin' you ain't cookin'.

And popcorn? Seriously?
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