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Originally Posted by PatioDaddio View Post
Here's another way to look at it, that I hope is helpful. There's nothing that you can do in a WSM that you can't do in a PBC, but there are definitely things that you can do on a PBC that you can't in a (18.5") WSM.

- Cook eight slabs of ribs at once
- Cook at higher temps
- Grill
- Cook pizza (killer)
- Cook 12 Cornish game hen halves (requires extra hooks)
- Not clean a water pan
- Not clean grates (unless you use it - the hooks go in the dishwasher)

Let's look at this from a WSM, PBC, and UDS. I need help on this one. I'm NOT a rib guy. Never really make em. For those of you that do, how many could you cook on two WSM grates or UDS grates either rolled or on rib racks vs. hanging? Flat on the grate I can't see 8 slabs on an 18.5 WSM, but maybe on a UDS running 22.5 grates. Dunno. Higher temps, edge to Drum Type. Grill and cook pizza. While a little awkward, you could do these on a WSM too. Grill-remove pan and use the bottom grate over the coals. Been there, done that. Have also removed lid and mid section of WSM and placed a grate over the coal ring and done high temp grilling. Never done pizza on it, but I could swing it. Never done pizza on my drum either. I go with my Kettles for pizza pie! Cornish hens, an issue of # you can hang (extra hooks extra purchase I assume) vs how may you could lay flat on two WSM grates. Not clean grates......well, what school you belong to is an issue here. Grates can go in the dishwasher too. Grates can be "burned" clean. They can be scrubbed fairly clean while still hot. For me, grates would be a non issue really.
On the UDS with a Weber lid side with two cooking grates you have the advantage of a bit more head room for stuff like a turkey etc and have the second grate still at your disposal. Lots of ways to look at it.
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