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Originally Posted by PatioDaddio View Post
And high-temp powder coat, and a pre-measured coal basket cut from 14" steel pipe,
and a custom stand, and greater portability, and the company owner's cell number on
the cooker.

One recommendation I'd make, and this is the welder and fabricator in me talking. For a ring that stout, I'd expect the expando to cover the entire circumference of the ring and welded at every single point. This is where that attention to detail, etc type edge would go to Weber and the WSM. You'd expect fully welded joints on every point of a Weber grate. That kind of detail adds labor and cost, but for those that like to make their own, it's an attention to detail thing. Unwelded edges like that will warp over time. Again, I really get into this type of stuff. Hate to say it, but I look at something and think of how I could make it better. Just how my mind works.
While the Weber/WSM coal ring may not be as thick, it is porcelain coated. The air holes in the WSM ring are a bit of an advantage as well. Keep in mind, a WSM can be used WITHOUT the water pan. You can easily convert a WSM into a UDS type cooker.

Powder coat on exterior vs porcelain in and out is a factor too. I don't worry about my WSM rusting from the inside or outside. Even with a powder coat on the exterior of the PBC, there is no coating on the interior from what I can see. Like I said, some good greasy cooks will season it, but there will still be raw steel in there and rust can get at it if you do not care for it. Even with the gorgeous "patina" that I have have built in my drums, I know that if that patina gets burned off, scraped off etc, the bare metal is exposed to rust, so I need to keep an eye on that with my drums.
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