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i get this is a tuff decision.. I cant tell you how long i've lurked on here to get amazing tips and tricks about cooking (lurked before the server change).. Heck I have amazon prime and again can't tell you how many times I've had an 18 and 22.5 wsm in the cart about to check out.. i have read that wsm's run hot until seasoned and sometimes the door doesn't quite fit.. I didn't want a cooker that i had to add to for it to cook better ( and I understand that not all wsm's are this way) I like to experiment and try different things so I did and I am impressed and amazed.. I get that the wsm guys will say wsm is the way to go and won't even think about a PBC. But do think about options, I remember when Apple wasn't cool to own.. Or even heaven forbid I own a luxury Hyundai
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