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Originally Posted by PatioDaddio View Post
Here's another way to look at it, that I hope is helpful. There's nothing that you can do in a WSM that you can't do in a PBC, but there are definitely things that you can do on a PBC that you can't in a (18.5") WSM.

- Cook eight slabs of ribs at once
- Cook at higher temps
- Grill
- Cook pizza (killer)
- Cook 12 Cornish game hen halves (requires extra hooks)
- Not clean a water pan
- Not clean grates (unless you use it - the hooks go in the dishwasher)

Didn't know we were limited to a 18.5 WSM. With my 22.5 I can do all of the things you list. I choose not to cook pizza because I don't feel the WSM (or the PBC) are the best tools for the job. I DO choose to clean my grates which consists of putting them over the lower section of the WSM and letting the old stuff burn off - no big deal.

I'm not downing the PBC by any stretch, but I can't see it matching the versatility of a WSM. Just my opinion.
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