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Originally Posted by viggysmalls View Post
Would you mind giving me a quick sequential breakdown of what you did when? Like, when do you add the veggies and chile sauce to the roux? Etc.

Sorry, I'm not well-versed in the world of soups or gumbos, but I really want to try this.

Dried japones or arbol chiles


Red or green peppers diced
onions diced
celery diced

Sausage kielbasa or turkey is what I used
minced garlic

1 quart or more of homemade or store bought stock.

tilapia or catfish or cod or red snapper or any lean white fish
Chop up fish in small chunks and gently and barely dust with flour
Shrimp I leave the shell on but cut a slit in the back to take out the veins.
imitation crab flakes

bok choy minced
spinach chopped

These first two steps can be done in advance making the chile sauce and the roux.

Dried japones or arbol chiles

gently cook the dried chiles in a skillet you can leave the seeds in for more heat or take them out.
Do not cook until they are black just lightly browned.
Add water to barely cover them just use a very small pot and boil them until softened.
Take them out of the water and put the chiles in a blender and add fresh water, vinegar and salt.
Blend thoroughly and taste add more vinegar of salt to taste.

white flour

equal parts flour and oil actually a little more oil than flour. I hardly measure so I would say I used maybe 4 tablespoons of flour and 5 of oil.
Heat on low to medium constantly stirring to make a roux the color of a copper penny.
This should take maybe 20-30 minutes.

When the roux is ready drop these veggies in and saute.
Red or green peppers diced
onions diced
celery diced

Cook until softened.

Then add diced sausage. Kielbasa is good I used turkey sausage.
Add chopped garlic.

Cook until slightly browned
Add the store bought stock or homemade and bring to a boil first and then lower the heat.

Then add the bok choy and cook a few minutes
then the fish.
then the shrimp.
then the spinach.

Most of this takes hardly any time after you have chopped it all up.

Feel free to change it to your tastes with cayenne pepper for heat or other spices like thyme, onion powder, etc. I go lightly with the spices and it still comes out great because of all the other flavors in this soup.

Cook taste, cook taste add more water or spices etc.

Good luck

I actually fried up some diced potatoes crispy and add them over the top.
Gave it a nice texture.

This is a very simple fusion soup I hope you enjoy it.
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