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rwalters, I rarely use my weber for slow n low but when I do I find it easier to control my temps but I think I will pick up a bag of the kingsford k this weekend to try it out. I also get longer burns with lump.

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Well let me continue whining... ;) The other thing that used to drive me nuts with lump was the unevenness of the pieces. The big pieces would of course burn way longer than the small. What would always get me would be the unevenness of the cooking temp, as the charcoal grate areas with small pieces of lump would quickly die out and go cool, only leaving the areas with bigger lump nice and hot. Therefore, I found myself always trying to fix the problem by throwing more lump in... just got to be to annoying and troublesome for me. And yes, I'll take some cheese with my whine. :)
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