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I was reluctant to go all-charcoal for those weeknight dinners, too, but my old gasser tank ran dry nearly a year ago and I haven't missed it yet!

The one lesson I've learned (the hard way) about reusing charcoal is that the second time around the briquettes are smaller and burn out faster. So it's fine if you're doing something quick-cooking, but don't be surprised if your temps drop out while doing an hour-plus tri tip, whole chicken, etc. I've been thinking I need to get a second, smaller lidded steel can to store briquettes just for quick cooks and use fresh for anything that needs more than 15 or 20 minutes over the heat. Probably better ways to go about it, that's just mine!

You guys are making me want to try harder with lump. I get frustrated when they also burn out quickly in the kettle. Thinking maybe put (give or take) half a chimney unlit in the grill and pseudo-minion the other half lit to stretch the burn time? At least when you don't want it all going for searing?
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