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Originally Posted by timzcardz View Post
Kevin, FWIW, a couple of years ago I ordered a 20x20 party tent from a business in Buffalo, NY. It was going to cost a fortune to have it shipped to me on Long Island. So, The place asks me if I am able to pick it up at a depot 10 miles from my house.

It was MUCH MUCH cheaper to get it shipped to Roadways' truck depot 10 miles from my house and me go there to pick it up. Easy too. When I picked it up they came out with the pallet on a forklift and put it right into the back of my truck.

Have you looked at shipping to a depot? Just a thought.

If it helps, you can buy me a beer next time we're together, If not, then I'll buy you one. Either way we'll be drinking!

Good luck.

Hey buddy they are bangin us just to bring it to the depot. Its only an additonal $40ish to got out to a house but thanks for thikin of me and the hell with the beerit will eb the hard stuff and its on me brother. See ya willie's hopefully.Or if you want to come to MIM we will be there.

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