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Originally Posted by colonel00 View Post
Hmm, surprised you didn't suggest adding some peanut butter and anchovies
Nice looking burgers bro. When ever we have people over for get togethers they always ask, man how did you get so much flavor into the meat.
There are multiple things that can be used to give a umami kick. My number one umami booster is red boat #40 fish sauce. It's super high quality stuff. It smells like catfish bait by itself but once cooked, it's completely gone. It's made from fermented anchovies. Want the best burger you have ever eaten in your entire life? Here is my best burger ever recipe. Umami kick from hell!

2 lbs fresh ground chuck 80/20
2T teriyaki (very underrated ingredient)
1t red boat #40 fish sauce
2t Tabasco chipotle
1T minced garlic
I like my burgers Med so I do not add egg for a binder.
Fold the ingredients into the meat well and refrigerate 4 hrs for the meat to tighten back up, then form patties.
Season with my J&J money seasoning on both sides like you would salt and grill high temp

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