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Originally Posted by pmad View Post
As a St. Louisian myself, I can not support the OP.
The only ones not doing St. Louis style ribs in St. Louis are those who don't know how.
I disagree. What makes cooking stl cut ribs different than cooking a rack of untrimmed spares? Not much because they are the same thing. Stl style is simply trimmed more so than spares.

Nothing against the stl style, but I think a lot of folks think they are more popular here than they really are. And its really not a "style" of cooking ribs, all it really is is the way a rack of spares gets cut. You could take a rack of stl cut ribs and do them Memphis style with just a dry rub and still call them stl style. That of course just wouldn't make sense.

All MHO of course..X
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