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Hey, I'm just pokin'. I'm from NC so I'm entitled. I like eastern and western NC styles, but I'm partial to the "Lexington" style. And most of the people who eat gassed KC-Masterpiece Q are city folk who don't know any better, bless their hearts. Once you feed them some real bbq, they come around, unless they're yankee transplants. I learned a lot about bbq cooking from my eastern NC FIL, whom I helped for years roasting whole hogs over hickory coals that were burned down in a seperate barrel. It was delicious, tender, succulent bbq, which he then drowned in pure vinegar and red pepper.
Care to share what "Lexington" style bbq is and how one might go about replicating it? Living in KC, I like to try all different bbq styles from different regions.
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