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Hello North Neighbor...I'm from Sedalia and I've looked on Craigslist for Kansas City and the price of wood varies greatly up there!!! I've seen wood for $75 half cord delivered and probably upwards of $125 you pick it up. You might be able to contact some of the tree trimming places to see if they would let you pick up some of the wood they cut down or better yet, drop it off at your house. I've heard of people doing this before, however I have never tried it. I'm just getting started with a stick burner as well and have yet to fuel it with full wood. I am thinking that unless I smoke a lot, half a cord will do me almost all year so $70 or $80 worth of fuel for a year/summer is pretty good compared to charcoal cost. It's so good that I'm not even going to fire up my saw to cut any! Good luck!!
Having perused Craigslist, there's a guy in Syracuse, Missouri selling reasonably priced smoking wood. Who knows how good it is, but seems like a pretty nice fellow.
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