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Originally Posted by Pitmaster T View Post
Ahhhh, more passive aggressive douchery. But then again, at the highest levels of this forum, we both have reputations do we not? ;-)

My advice to you is the same, (take it or not) as it has been since 2008. Click ignore or if you have such a history, heck, don't even bother to read a thread I post.
You are one of the few, if any, members who "invite" folks to ignore you.
That alone speaks "volumes" about you.

You have posted links here to Urban Dictionary definitions to what most folks feel are "perverted" stuff.
These may "turn you on"--but....??

This thread in in "Q-Talk"!!
The requirements are posted at the top of the forum--but, maybe they don't apply to you??

To keep it simple--post the cooking stuff in Q-Talk and the sleaze in WoodPile.
It does seem that you need sex and stuff to "sell" your approach.
Ever consider just letting the meat and the process be the star and then teach someone something useful??

Once again--good luck on whatever it is you want to do--

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Now cooking with a Yoder YS640
Proud Pellet guy cooking on real wood.

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