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Default Are these thermometers junk? UDS

I was ready to pull the trigger on a $40 Tel Tru. Then I was thinking about it. I'm going to do a 2.5 inch stem, mounted into the side of a UDS. I can't have the stem longer b/c the charcoal basket will nick it when removing. I do not want to have a removable 10" turkey fry thermometer through a grommet. I want one mounted to the side.

Clearly i'm not expecting a dead accurate temperature reading. This is just for a quick glance from the house to make sure its not at 50 degree or 450 degrees. I'll have digital probes in the UDS as well, which will let me calibrate any thermometer I put in the side and will let me know exact temps if I need them.

I found this on amazon. Anyone ever seen them? 2 for $30 with free shipping. Any thoughts?

My gut tells me "made in China" junk. But I'm wondering if it really matters.
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