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Originally Posted by martyleach View Post
Allright so I am certainly not the expert here but I sure am interested. The shoulder has a really nice(high) fat content and hams (picnics?) don't. I have never cooked a ham, but it would seem to me that it needs to be cooked quite differently than a shoulder. Advice??
I'm not an expert by no means but cooking a fresh ham is not much different than a butt or shoulder. They can be cooked either with the skin on or the skin removed. The last one I cooked I left the skin on and cooked inderect at about 225*. All the exposed meat was rubbed before going on the smoker. It took about 16 hours to cook a 20lb ham but it was well worth the wait. Was done at about 195* internal. Pulled and chopped almost like a butt.
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