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Originally Posted by Lake Dogs View Post
I cook (BBQ) hams, picnics, butts, and whole shoulders. My preference in eating is the whole shoulder. I do really like the ham (as said above). Where I'll generally cook the shoulder into the low 200's, I like/prefer the hams more in the mid 190's; still plenty pullable but not overcooked and dry. That's a big piece of it, keeping the ham moist. I do inject, and I do use foil. Frankly, I've been back and forth a few times over the years as to preference. I think I get burnt out on one and have gone to the other. Matter of fact, think I'll do a hog (but in pieces) cook this summer. I like the idea; 2 whole 22# shoulders, 2 whole 22# fresh hams, perhaps a case of babybacks...
I agree that a ham is pullable in the 190's, I have done a few like this. The main reason I was asking is that around here where I live all the BBQ joints seem to serve chopped/pulled ham. While it is good I just prefer the butt/shoulder. The flavor to me is just so much better.

Thanks everyone for all the input.
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