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I picked up one of these right before winter. It's taking me several rounds and still need to do some tweaking before I truly feel like I have it dialed in. My two biggest complaints are the weight (a good thing I suppose) and fuel consumption. The "screw top" top vent also takes a little getting used to... it can really increase the draw or choke you out if your not watching it... which leads me to believe this this is pretty damn air tight. I'm running all charcoal with a few wood chunks and it seems to last about 1/2 as long as the WSM did on a full load of coal. I installed a BBQ GURU CyberQ right from the start and that HAS NOT helped with my learning curve on this pit... and is probably one of the reasons why I'm flying through so much coal. Gonna do some ribs next weekend without the guru and see how long I can hold temp after the ribs come off. I have also noticed the uneven temps from grate to grate and front to back. And a fairly substantial difference between the installed thermo and one I place on the center of the grate at the same level... 25-50 degrees cooler readout on the installed one. The uneven temps/differential doesn't bother me too much... as I am one who has lost sleep over that before with other pits... and I just don't let it get to me anymore!! LOL. I think consistency is the key, and I am still a little ways from feeling like I can produce the same Q over and over again from this pit. All that being said.. You wont find a better built pit for the price that has all the features you could want. I love this thing and will have it as part of my collection for many years. I also cant say enough about the manufacturer... I stopped by to see their showroom shortly after purchasing it and to ask some general questions about use. They were super friendly and showed me around. They also said that the owner/designer was in Vegas competing at the National Food Championship... and he took the Cube!! I emailed him directly about a week later with a few follow up questions and he responded directly to me with some feedback. Great group of guys. Great product.
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