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Default I am thinking again to develop WiFi thermometer to beat igrill

Inspired by success of igrill, I was thinking to develop a WIFI thermometer.
I gave up later as I heared too many goods about igrill.
But today I read different stories, I am thinking again to develop WIFI thermometer.

No Bluetooth Range!
Written by Ron B from Kansas City
Oct 31, 2012
The Igrill works great if you are in a travel trailer and grilling outside your unit, but if your grilling in your garage and want to walk to the other end of your home and watch Telelvision, forget it, it won't happen, I could not be more than 40-50 feet away from my smoker using the Igrill, it has no blue tooth range. Sure, it works great if you have fresh batteries and no obstuctions, but if you put a wall between you and your grill the range is very limited. In summary the igrill eats batteries and it has very little range.

Goog idea - doesn't work
Written by Kim R from Cairns
Jul 28, 2012
I really liked the idea of this product, but found it really hard to connect to either my iPhone or. iPad. Used it twice before it brokdown -will be askiing for my money back!
Not recommended for real cooks.

Doesn't work as advertised
Written by Farrell B from Colorado Springs
Jul 16, 2012
The Bluetooth range is about 20 ft, not 200.
Even 10 ft away Bluetooth only works for a while, then you have to take the batteries out to reset to get it to start working again.
The display turns off after a very short time, making it not very useful as a non-Bluetooth device.
Great idea, terrible implementation.

So doesn't meet the Apple standard for quality
Written by Bradley J from Minneapolis
May 30, 2012
When this contraption and app work everything is great. It's when it doesn't work that it really fails, which unfortunately is all too often.

I am thinking these points:
WiFi will have LONG range.
WIFI can be viewed by more devices, not only Apple series
I will use 2 pieces of A5 Li-ion batteries inside, plus recharging circuit and AC/DC adapter.
temp.-time graphing to be stored in your computer, and you can write a memo for each graphing.
High/Low temperature alarm
armored three wires probe other than 2 wires, more accurate and sturdy
Retail price of $60, free air mail

Your suggestions are appreciated before I walk the first step forward.

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