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I could be way off here, but up until this point I thought there were two "generations" of Akorns. First had the silver top vent and a few other less-than-perfect parts elsewhere. The second generation was the powder coated top vent and may have had some overall manufacturing improvements. If this Peformer "third gen" cooker has a cast top vent and the side table, just makes me wonder if they also addressed some of the air leaking issues documented in Man Cave Meals. I always thought the colors were more of a branding thing for various retail outlets. But again, that's casual observation.

The Char-Griller website is woefully unhelpful, which, again, I chalk up to branding issues, not wanting Retail Chain A to get feathers ruffled over competition with Retail Chain B. I've dug around extensively on the Home Depot and Lowe's websites, plus Char-Griller, Amazon and general Google searches. No dice on this table/cart model so far. Could be the time of year that they're just being introduced, too.
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