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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Originally Posted by Garrett View Post
I'm done with this damn show. They couldn't find a team to represent a region if they stepped on them. Duck fat and NC BBQ??? WTF. I've lived here 15 mins from Charlotte my hole 32 yrs and have never heard of Saucemans.

Now, thanks for lettin me vent a little.
I see comments like this every week. I don't get it.

There were 3 teams. They all cooked the same meats. There were 3 judges, who tasted and scored those meats based on agreed upon and consistent criteria.

I get that duck fat is out of the box, but there was a lot more than just that particular piece of meat in the box too. As with any competition, sometimes the guys that take risks or do things a little differently win. Sometimes they don't. Tonight, that guy did.

The show is called BBQ Pitmasters, not Famous BBQ Restaurants Cooking Contest. (although this season has pretty much had all restauranteurs on it)

I know it's a show and that they don't always get it exactly right, but cable TV is still better because it's on.

I say congrats to Saucemans! It's killer that the "new guy" was able to cook with the big boys.
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