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Originally Posted by bmock View Post
I recently cooked my first whole choice packer brisket. I have a question in regards to probing. Should the whole piece of meat probe this way? If memory serves me right it seemed like the point was probing like butter before the flat.

And when I pulled the brisket there were still parts of the flat that were not like butter and parts that were. So I pulled it anyways in fear of over cooking...

Does my question make any sense?
On a whole brisket, both muscles will not probe the same. In fact, the additional fat in the point allows the internal temp of the point to rise faster than the flat (fat is a better conductor of heat). Because of this, the point gets tender before the flat. And because of the fat it's hard to overcook the point. So, let the point do it's thing and concentrate on the flat.

For you other question, not all of the flat will probe the same.... Part of the flat overlaps the point and the rear of the flat usually is thinner so it can actually dry out while the remainder is cooking tender. You sort of have to figure out when to call the ball on tenderness. A long rest will help the tenderness and moistness even out, so many folks rest a good long while.

Originally Posted by bmock View Post
I cooked between 250 and 280. And the majority of the brisket was dry and tasted like pot roast. And tough to slice. I kinda think I over cooked it but then again the whole piece of meat wasnt probing like butter?????
When you overcook, the protein fibers that you have been trying to unwind for tenderness, will start squeezing out the moistness (gelatin) they have been hanging on to and all that goodness goes into the pan or the foil if you have wrapped. The meat you have left is very fiberous and tougher... I do agree with Bludawg in that a little overcooked is better than a little undercooked.

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