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Originally Posted by Smokin' Deal View Post
First post, but long time follower and advocate! I'ver spent quite a bit of time, reading and researching different groups and I clearly see why this is the "brethren" and the best choice. The wealth of information, the support, the expertise and's absolutely invaluable.

As a WSM 22.5" owner, and someone who's been to a few classes and KCBS qualifying events (purely as a spectator and student) along with being signed up for Johnny Trigg's class next month, I admit....I AM ADDICTED TO SMOKIN'!

So, I'm pretty far down the path (at least, mentally) that I'm calling Jamie and ordering a backyard model. I am not at the level of competition smoking individually, but I did participate in MiM last year (and again this year) and feel as if I still have much to learn before making my maiden voyage.

As I contemplate the options on this backyard model, I'm hoping Jamie will agree to the following;

1. Chrome stack
2. Rubber wheels (easier to move around, in/out garage)
3. Upper shelf on left side of cooker
4. Single door vs. standard dual door

I don't know if, other than appearance and the "really cool" factor, I want to drop an additional $900 for the boiler this puppy will be north of $2500 all-in by the time I get it shipped from TX to IL.

So, my question is I missing any other upgrades or modifications that others have or strongly suggest? If so, please let me know. Pron is also of value, as its easier to visualize.

Thanks Brethren! Looking forward to mtg and seeing some of you soon.
Boiler door not an option on backyard model so one less decision to make. Order one, you won't be sorry.
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