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Default Brisket Troubleshooting

Yesterday I smoked a 7.79 lb packer (a lot smaller than I wanted, but it's all Costco had). I set up my Kamado Joe to act more like a traditional offset smoker, placing a water pan under the extended rack to maintain a fairly wet smoke. The piece of meat held moisture like a boss and the bark was phenomenal (salt + pepper then oak + cherry wood), but the end product wasn't so hot.

I pulled the brisket between 190-195 internal temp on the flat (think it had been on the grill for 8 hours and 45 mins), tented it for 10 to 15 mins in foil, then completed the wrap. After that, I wrapped the foiled brisket in a beach towel to hold in heat and let it rest for another 90 minutes.

As I prepared to cut the brisket, I was like a little kid in a candy store thinking, "did I finally cook a brisket to perfection?!" Then the meat gods woke up and reminded me I'm no brisket demigod. The meat had a great smoke ring and a nice bark/flavor, but the slices themselves were tough. I cut the flat into 1/16- to 1/8-inch pieces (the width of a normal pencil). The best way to describe the pieces would be "kind of chewy and dense." When I picked up a slice to do the "pull test," it took more than a significant tug to pull apart the meat.

Which leads me to my question, did I undercook the meat? Did I overcook it? HELP... please!
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