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Originally Posted by thirdeye View Post
Now that it's in the oven it's not important for this cook... but for future cooks, I'm confused about the thermometer use here.... but I'm easily confused.

Typically the dome thermometer in a ceramic cooker reads higher than the actual cooking temp (at the grate), 20 to 30 degrees in fact. So, going from your dome temps, it appears you have actually been cooking at 185 to 230.... or am I confused? If so, this still seems like a long time for a small butt, but if we average those temps, you were cooking around 208, and since you are going to a finish IT of 200, it will take a long time to get there (your pit temp -to- finish temp is almost a 1:1 ratio)
Now, dome temp has read about 30 degrees warmer the entire time. So the Maverick (which only got down to 205 1 time for about 15 minutes) stayed between 215-235 most of this cook. The dome temp read 240-275 the entire. time.

At this current moment Maverick is read 357 and dome is reading 325.
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