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Originally Posted by Blutch View Post
Dammit. I have NO clue where to find Butcher paper. This is labeled butcher paper. When I go to the butcher, this seems to be what I get.. a glossy side and a paper side. So, the chucks and brisket are on the smoker and the chucks are at 160. Do I go ahead and use this paper or do I use the parchment paper I bought or just go with foil?

Thanks B
Some butcher paper has 'sizing' on it. Sizing is a starch-like product, it's natural I guess. Freezer paper is clearly marked as "coated" and this stuff will not leak through with liquids. Some types of butcher paper are called 'steak paper', made for wrapping raw meat,.... and deli paper, used for sandwiches and things like that, they have a dull and shiny side.

So, if your paper is labeled butcher paper you could have something other than the plain jane variety, and I suppose it could be okay, but I'm wondering if it was intended for kids to draw on or something and that's why it is sold at Hobby Lobby. Maybe someone else will chime in on this.

Bottom line is, foil still works just fine, and it's been used for barbecue for a long time...


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