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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Originally Posted by DawgPhan View Post
I think you missed the point.

If you are cooking them because you need them, then you need them. If you cooking them because you hope out of 6, 1 comes out right, then you should just spend your time practicing.
Yes, but still.....we cook all of our ribs identically (as I'm sure most do). Yet, when we open them up and start slicing and taste out of each rack, there are ones that taste BETTER than others. There's not usually a big difference in tenderness, and there's rarely one rack that tastes "bad", but we always put the best tasting ones on the top in the box.

I say this as a team that has never cooked more than 4 racks, usually 3 at a comp. Plus.....we like a nice full rib box, so we send a LOT of bones.
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