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Default clay saucer attempt #1

So i decided to do a test run with a clay saucer in the water pan today, as i'm having a hard time maintaining temps with water, and the fuel usage is not the greatest.

Setup was as followed:

1) Leftover briquettes from the previous cook, about 20-30 of them, half way done
2) Filled the ring with lump, almost to the top
3) Dumped a quarter chimney starter worth of briquettes on top, maybe a bit less (didnt count them)

During the first hour it was hovering around 235 both top and bottom grates, with one of the 3 vents just cracked. Over the moon by then. By the time the 2nd hour was up, it was in the 260s, and thats when i completely shut the cracked vent. Temp continued to climb to about 280, and an hour later went back down to around 270, where it's been sitting for the following 4 hours without budging, even though all 3 vents are completely shut.

I'm thinking leaking charcoal bowl? which could possibly loosely explain not being able to hold decent temps with water...

Thoughts? Can i, in this case use the top vent to try to regulate temps a bit or does the "wide open" rule apply to clay as well as water.
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