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Yeah, I am kinda confused here as well. In response to your first idea, that would work great as a cold smoker but I don't think it will have enough heat to rival a UDS for actually cooking meat.
Yeah ive decided to move away from the cold smoker/3in1 smoker since the gravity fed smoker is in the same price range and will give me the extra heat ill need. I only chose the cold smoker initially because it looked like it would be really easy to connect it to the standard threaded pipe everyone uses.

Originally Posted by colonel00 View Post
On your second set of ideas, I like the creativity but again, I think you are getting away from the simple concept of the UDS and its beauty there in. A UDS works because it is extremely efficient and simple to build and use. Sure, many people have made modifications to the basic design but sticking to the basic design is always recommended.
I was thinking out loud with this one, I just wanted a flat surface to mount the gravity fed smoker too and also this would make reaching into the smoker a lot easier, I guess the trade off would be grill surface. But then again I could fashion some kind of double decker grill to maximize the space in there.

Originally Posted by colonel00 View Post
If this is your first UDS, I would suggest building one along the lines of the standard design. You can always build another one later once you have used a standard one and see what you want to change. I have had plenty of ideas of things I wanted to try but in the end I use two standard UDS's. I do use two of Wang's controllers which really makes my cookers a "set it and forget it" setup.
This will be my first UDS and im thinking I dont want a plain one. I want mine to be unique even if it means a little extra work, basically mounting the gravity fed burner on the drum, my UDS on steroids.
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