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Exclamation Popdaddy's Barbefunkoramaque Rises again - Legal Issues Settled

Pitmaster T, in a planned move that was begun upon the death of Popdaddy and the associate Barbefunkoramaque LLC., in March, 2011, is proud to announce he has won his case against the lawyers who tried to steal away all my gifts which made Popdaddy his status as the arbitor of all things funky in BBQ. My lawyers made the case that while Popdaddy, indeed was the Sultan of Funkorificness on stage and in the studio, the only contribution to the quality of his bbq was merely his choice of music. The techniques, spice legends, and associated slathers, injections (dry or sour dough) were the property of Pitmaster T, LLC..

So, without further hesitation, the Old Popdaddy station (which had at its end in March of 2011 over a quarter of a million hits, is not open once more, with some of the more naughty videos still locked in the vault.

Throughout the next few months.... all Pitmaster Vids will return to the Popdaddy's Barbefunkoramaque station along with the opening of availability of various rubs and stock packs for public sale.

Thank you

E. Donnie Thomas (Pitmaster T)

Below is about as naughty as the videos will be:

Post a link to your favorite Popdaddy Video in you next post. PS... I am not sure you will find the famous Turkey and Dumplins, or Mark of a Good Butt video.

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