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I'd like to see a BBQ Guru intake mount that is easy to R&R like the Big Green Egg mount, instead of the bolt on bracket and screw in fan fitting.

I took a look at a lot of cart designs from guys here on the forum and and carts from R&O Smokers and Pitmaker. I like all of them out there.

I'm happy to share pics of mine but I had it fabricated and don't have all the measurements, so you are on your own.

But I wanted a small footprint cart for my Gater, so the Backwoods cover would fit over it, and I have a very uneven lawn from which I must move it from my cook area to my comp trailer and up the ramp if I choose. Tipping it on the back wheels and moving it like a handtruck was my priority. The little casters I got from HF would not cut it for me. And I am 6'2" and I don't like stooping over to work my meat!

I got 4 10" run flat swivel casters, but switched the rears out with 2 Rigid mount.

I had some locking fold down shelf brackets, some stainless steel grab bars and a sheet of stainless steel from another project, that were incorporated into the frame.

D-Ring tie downs welded on 4 corners

It looks like the Backwoods G2's have a slide out ash tray attached to the fire grate- that would be something to consider on a cart IMO, and possibly a drip pan feature that might use a galvanized drip pan or full size aluminum baking sheet to keep your deck from the greazzyness that comes with the BWS.

Considering what some of the carts offered that I've seen online, mine was about on par with the going rates, I could have painted it myself instead of powdercoating the frame and saved @$100. All that steel adds weight to an already heavy 300lb Gater.

Looking forward to seeing more designs out there!
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