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Originally Posted by cashew View Post
I stopped yesterday at Fareway and picked up 6 rolls of Jimmy Dean sausage. I went with the suggestions from here and got only the Sage and Maple ones for my first try. I was not sure how much bacon to get for the weaves so I got 3 pounds. Hopefully that is enough.

Now I have a few questions.

1. If I roll the sausage out flat like a burrito shell I should be able to put things inside like mushrooms, Swiss cheese, and a sauce to make something like a mushroom and Swiss burger inside,right? I am thinking maybe one with pizza sauce mushrooms and pepperoni in it. A Philly cheese steak one with peppers provolone and peppers might work too.Should I make a rub to put on these? How do you guys like yours?

Put the sausage in a gallon zip bag and flatten it inside the bag and the cut the bag open and peel bag the top layer. then add you fillings and use the bag to roll it up. Seal the seam and ends and put in the fridge to harden up before cooking.

2. If I stuff some of these with things like that how much longer generally will it take to smoke/cook them? From what I am seeing it normally takes 2-3 hours for one that is just wrapped, Should I expect the same cook times?

That all depends on your cook temperature. Make sure that the stuffing gets over 165 for food safety. 2 -3 hours sounds about right at temps below 250.

3. When I smoke these should I do them directly on the rack or inside a pan? If I do them in the pan will they smoke all around or just on top? If I do them on the rack will it make a huge mess? I don't have a problem dealing with cleanup but I want to avoid a large grease fire.

I do them on the rack, no pan. What are you cooking on? If you're cooking indirect you shouldn't have a grease fire.

Any and all help is appreciated.
Do yourself a favor and take one of those sausage logs and cook it naked. No stuffing, no enrobing. Experience the fatty the way that it was originally conceived. Naked. All of this stuffing and enrobing cam along years after Brother Smokey Pig smoked the first sausage log and Brother Big Dog named it a Fatty.
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