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Default First fatties!

I stopped yesterday at Fareway and picked up 6 rolls of Jimmy Dean sausage. I went with the suggestions from here and got only the Sage and Maple ones for my first try. I was not sure how much bacon to get for the weaves so I got 3 pounds. Hopefully that is enough.

Now I have a few questions.

1. If I roll the sausage out flat like a burrito shell I should be able to put things inside like mushrooms, Swiss cheese, and a sauce to make something like a mushroom and Swiss burger inside,right? I am thinking maybe one with pizza sauce mushrooms and pepperoni in it. A Philly cheese steak one with peppers provolone and peppers might work too.Should I make a rub to put on these? How do you guys like yours?

2. If I stuff some of these with things like that how much longer generally will it take to smoke/cook them? From what I am seeing it normally takes 2-3 hours for one that is just wrapped, Should I expect the same cook times?

3. When I smoke these should I do them directly on the rack or inside a pan? If I do them in the pan will they smoke all around or just on top? If I do them on the rack will it make a huge mess? I don't have a problem dealing with cleanup but I want to avoid a large grease fire.

Any and all help is appreciated.
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