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Originally Posted by EnsitMike View Post
Hey everyone!

New to this forum, but here for a purpose. I am going to be vague in this first post, because I want to get all of your opinions in a non-biased way. To cut to the chase, I've got a couple questions for you all.

What are your favorite innovations in grilling, your preferred grill and why, your most useful grilling accessories, anything that makes the grilling life easier, and anything else you consider to be a necessity, irreplaceable, or downright great for a day of grilling.

Also, the opposite. What do you hate that may come with grilling? Things that are a hassle that shouldn't be, and any other things you just wish your grill did or something you wish was in your grilling toolbox.

Let's get to part 2 and have some fun
Random thoughts during my morning coffee.....

Love kamado grill.....temp control and moisture retention is best I've seen....wish mine was bigger, though. A XL BGE is in my near future.

The stone diffuser on mine is awesome for indirect cooking. It's a must-have.

Quality fuel is important. I prefer lump. I like large pieces.

I like fruit woods, too.

Good tongs are the ticket. I like the gripper to be somewhat flat. Some are too tall and I'll take pliers and flatten them so they can get under the bow of a slab of tender ribs with ease. Wife likes hers falling off the bone...the right tongs make plating them easy work.

High quality rubs over an initial painting of extra virgin olive oil makes all the difference. I got started with Dizzy Pig BBQ rubs and found every one of them to my liking. Now I use those and many more.

Turbinado sugar is your friend.

Those rubber gripper things are handy for opening jars of pickles and bbq sauces (best sauces I've used don't come in squeeze bottles ).

Bottle opener near the pit is a must have (some of the best beers don't twist off ).

Keep your cast iron products oiled properly to ensure a long service life.

After the meal is done and others are cleaning up the dining area and kitchen is when I clean up my grill. Don't let it wait till the next day.

Keep your cover over your grill when not in use.

Grill out all year long...don't be a seasonal griller. Cook enough to enjoy leftovers during the workweek for lunch.

A Maverick dual probe thermometer with remote read is a great item to have.

Let your pit area be a place of relaxing and enjoyment. I can feel my stress level diminish greatly as I fire up the coals.......
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