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Got rid of the matchlight.
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Lightbulb All about your grill - Part 1

Hey everyone!

New to this forum, but here for a purpose. I am going to be vague in this first post, because I want to get all of your opinions in a non-biased way. To cut to the chase, I've got a couple questions for you all.

What are your favorite innovations in grilling, your preferred grill and why, your most useful grilling accessories, anything that makes the grilling life easier, and anything else you consider to be a necessity, irreplaceable, or downright great for a day of grilling.

Also, the opposite. What do you hate that may come with grilling? Things that are a hassle that shouldn't be, and any other things you just wish your grill did or something you wish was in your grilling toolbox.

Let's get to part 2 and have some fun
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