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Originally Posted by JS-TX View Post
I notice a lot of brethren here only cook 1 brisket vs 2 or more butts. Is this because of the money muscle? I do IBCA here in TX so 99% of the comps don't require pulled pork.

Yes, the money muscle is perfect a little sooner than the rest of the butt, but since (in KCBS) you can't slice it off and return the butt to the smoker, a lot of people cook multiple butts and pull at different temps.

My wife, who does most of our chicken trimming, would be coming after me with the knives if I showed up with 50 pieces of

More meat = more options, but there is a tipping point where the extra meat takes up more of your time, and more space in the smoker, so the quality goes down. Many smokers will perform differently with different amounts of meat in them, so I try to keep the load and placement the same. .
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