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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Originally Posted by martyleach View Post
I love doing that with people... Give them good BBQ and then help them start their own. That is why I have built so many UDS's... People get really excited and friggin' happy when they can make good Q. Fun stuff!
One year a buddy asked for some help with a rib cook for a high school football team 'parents party' he was hosting. He had about 15 racks of spares. We prepped them together, I sort of clued him in on what I was going to do, then I wound up drinking beer and babysitting the pit while he tended other stuff inside, and schmoozed with a few guests... long story short, I had them finished and into a holding oven, but he never actually saw the full process. I cleaned up the cooker, then left, and the party was a big success. Six months goes by and he's having a birthday party and a lot of folks requested he make his ribs. So.... I get a phone call: "uh,... can you remind me again how I make my ribs?". I haven't let him forget that one.

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